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Rev Don Horath, Host Pastor
October 4-6, 2021


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October 3, Celebrating 60 Years!

The faithfulness of 60 years.

We honor you Brother Don.

Great men of Faith.

Monday night, licensing Rev Jerry Rodriguez.

Laying on of hands.

Congratulations Brother Jerry.

Sister Margie Badger, 100 years old and daugher Anita.

Chairman John Wongler, another great conference.

Brother David Worley, featured preacher. Preach the Word!

Hornbecks aren't the only ones who have BMA family reunions.

Definitely giving thanks!

Jose, lighten the load!.

Featuring Pastor Keenan Smith Tuesday night.

Passing the torch to Pastor Kevin Horath.

Brother Steve, always ready to speak.

Absolutely funny, I don't care who you are!

Pastor Jim Wilson, another faithful decades-long pastor.

Pastor Keenan Smith

Brother Phil Frye

Brother Joe Greene

Brother Jose Rodriguez

Newly ordained and newly appointed
Pastor Kevin Horath and first lady Kathy

Pastor John Wongler, did you really say that?!

Are you sure that's right?

Pastor Don Matthews, anointed leadership.

Laying on of hands anointing Pastor Kevin Horath

Awesome Praise and Worship from the Hillside Team!

Brother Jerry, is that a hand?

Photographer Dave Matthews, has to get a selfie before teaching.

Yoder's and the whole BMA gang!

Williamson Branch rocked the house with bluegrass Wednesday night.

Thank you to ALL the Hillside team for a great Fall Conference 2021.

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Oct 3, 10:30am,
Sunday Anniversary Service,
Rev David Worley
Sunday 2-4pm
60th Anniversary Celebration
Monday, Oct 4, Noon Lunch at Hillside
1pm, "Keep the Faith", 2 Tim 4.7
Rev Jim Wilson
Monday, 2pm
"The Rudder Steers the Ship,"
James 3:4,
Rev Scott Branam
Monday, 3pm
"Navigating Dangerous Waters,"
Heb 12:2,
Rev Jerry VanRonk

Part 2
Monday night, 7pm, Evening Service
Rev David Worley

(Ordination Service,
Rev Jerry Rodriguez)
Tuesday, Oct 5,
9am, "Strong Anchors", Heb 6:19
Rev Jerry Rodriguez
Tuesday, 10am
"Choosing Right Lines,"
Ecc 4:12
Rev Dave Matthews
Tuesday, 11am
"Securing the lines"
2 Pet 2:20,
Rev John Wongler
Tuesday, Lunch at Noon, Hillside
1:30pm, "Lightening the Load"
Heb 12:1
Rev Jose Rodriguez

Tuesday, 2:30pm, "Safe Harbor"
Rev Don Matthews

Tuesday night, 7pm
Evening Service
Rev Keenan Smith
(Ordination Service,
Rev Kevin Horath)
Wednesday, Oct 6, 9am, Board Meeting
10am, Annual BMA Membership Meeting
Wednesday, 11:30am, Arthur, IL,
Hillside hosts lunch at Yoder's Amish Kitchen
Followed by Group Tour of Amish Community
Wednesday Night Service,7pm
Singing and Fellowship led by
Bluegrass Singing Family
Williamson Branch
Part 2
Click here to see their website
Click here to WATCH THEM SING!

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