Since we, as a society, are reaping from the lock out of God and His Word, our challenges have escalated in vision and purpose.  So then, we must reach out to the masses by reaching out to you with the hand of fellowship in the hope of assisting you in your service to God by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the Earth!
We are laborers together with Him, and together we can make a difference!

The Bethel Ministerial Association, Inc. is Orthodox in doctrine and Evangelical in practice.  Yet, we enjoy an independence that allows us to follow the dictates of our own conscience as we pursue Gods will and plan for our individual ministry.

Our ministries include the Local Assemblies, Bethel Foreign Missions Foundation, Bethel Academy, Bethel Youth Camp and Conference Center, Bethel Publishing House and other mutual interests.  Each congregation is sovereign in itself.

We invite you to join with us in fellowship and labor as we reach out to a very lost and  hurting world in an effort to rescue the perishing.  With this in heart and mind, we press toward the High Calling in Christ Jesus until His return!

In His Service,

Rev. John Wongler, Chairman
Bethel Ministerial Association, Inc.

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Rev. John Wongler, Chairman
Pastor, Bethel Church, Hatfield, IN

Rev. Steve Owens, Vice Chairman
Pastor,Full Gospel Evangelistic Center, Lincoln, IL

Rev. David Matthews, Secretary
Manager, Bethel Publishing House

Rev. Phillip Frye,  Treasurer

Rev. Joseph Greene, Board Member
Minister of Music, Bethel Christian Center,
Rockport, IN

Rev. Kenan Smith, Board Member
Pastor,Crosby Church, Crosby, TX

Rev. Josh Powell, Board Member
Pastor/Youth Pastor,Crosby Church/Huffman Campus, Crosby, TX

Rev. Josh Long, Board Member
Minister of Music, Full Gospel Evangelistic Center, Lincoln, IL

Rev. Kevin Horath, Board Member

Pastor, Hillside Bethel Tabernacle, Decatur, IL

Rev. Don Horath, Chairman Emeritus
Bishop, Hillside Bethel Tabernacle, Decatur, IL

Rev. Jerry Van Ronk, Provisional Board Member
Pastor, Team Jesus Ministries, San Antonio, TX

Rev. Scott Branam, Provisional Board Member

Rev. Don Matthews, Board Member Emeritus
Pastor Emeritus, Bethel Community Church, Southport, IN

Rev. James Wilson, Board Member Emeritus
Pastor Emeritus, Bethel Church, Hatfield, IN

Rev. Oscar Owens, Board Member Emeritus
Bishop, Full Gospel Evangelistic Center

Rev. Buddy Holder, Board Member Emeritus
Pastor, Bethel Temple, Logansport, IN

Rev. Jose Rodriguez, Bethel Missions Secretary/Military Liaison
Intl Field Director, Global Grace Fellowship Forney, TX

Rev John Wongler
Director, Junior Youth Conference

Rev. Keenan Smith
Director, Senior Youth Conference

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