Almost everyone loves a "trip down memory lane". For all you kids, take a look here anyway. You might see your mom or dad. Nearly 70 years of history, we in no way have photos of it all. However, look here once in a while and we'll update the photos and memorabilia (sp?) from the BMA past. Hope you enjoy it. If you have some items to add, please let me know.....we'd all love to see it, I'm sure.

We used to play softball at camp!
Pastors vrs. Boys
Camp Lake
The Lake 'sans Blob'

Brother Jack Morrow
"Now, I'm gonna 'doctrinate you boys!"

A Class
Always have had classes.

Meeting minutes
View minutes of meetings from 1937

BMA History, the book



A CD with pictures from Junior and Senior Youth Camps from 1999 through 2001, all BMA Conferences and many historical photos is available for just $10. If you are interested, contact Rev Dave Matthews at, or call him at 812-923-8951. All profits from sales go toward the Youth Camp programs.

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