New Resource: Book written by Rev Kevin Horath

Do you feel stuck in your Christian walk? Are you just going through the motions and longing for something better? Kevin P. Horath talks straight about what it means to live a "double-portion life" and how to truly recognize who you are in Christ.

With growing up as a son of a pastor and his own experience as an associate pastor, Kevin tells how we can apply the lessons learned from Elisha, an Old Testament prophet, to our lives today. Through Scripture, stories, a little humor, and dozens of practical tips, he teaches the way of the double-portion life as demonstrated by Elisha.

In these pages you'll discover:
   How to recognize the call of God
   The importance of relationships in ministry
   What holiness really means
   Your responsibility to the next generation
   How to leave a legacy of life

Find out how you have access to the double-portion now. If you feel ineffective in your Christian walk and don't know how to realize God's plan, this book if for you.

Rev Kevin Horath
3575 Greenhill Rd
Decatur, IL 62521
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